Best Heavy Bag Stand Comparison

Best Heavy Bag Stands for Muay Thai Kickboxing & MMA 2024

If you want to train in striking martial arts at home then you’re gonna need a good heavy bag. That means you’re gonna need a way to hang that heavy bag up. I’ve done the research and the Century Corner Man Hanger is the best bag stand for most people.

If you want my full in-depth opinion keep reading.

Why You Need a Bag Stand for Your Heavy Bag

When it comes to hanging up your bag at home there are a few options. You can use wall brackets, ceiling mounts, or beam/rafter mounts, but they come with some drawbacks.

The problem with these brackets is that they’re close to permanent and can cause damage to your home. Joists and beams are engineered to take a specific load, and a 100+ lb bag swinging from taking hard kicks cannot be good over time.

Enter the indoor heavy bag stand for anyone who doesn’t want to damage their home, apartment, or garage. They’re perfect for renters who need a home gym set up without losing their security deposits. Adding a spring will also help dampen vibrations from striking.

How to Pick the Best Heavy Bag Stand for Home

There are a few things to consider when picking out a stand for muay thai:

  • Mobility – When doing rounds on the bag, you can’t just be stuck in one place. You need to cut different angles while working on your combos. A good stand shouldn’t get in the way of your footwork or kicks. Ideally, the stand should let you move all the way around.
  • Weight capacity – Another critical factor is the weight limit. 6′ muay thai bags are usually heavier than standard boxing punching bags.
  • Stability – A stand that’s constantly rocking might mess with your training. It can also mess up your floors. A quality stand will be built to withstand swaying.

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand: Century Corner Man Hanger

The Corner Man Hanger stand from Century is our top pick. The key benefit to using this stand is the hanging arm. The arm is tall enough and extends far enough to let you work all the way around the bag. There’s nothing to get in the way of your footwork or kicks.

The height is adjustable up to 8’6″ and perfect for 6′ thai banana bags. The higher the bag, the less stable it will get so you’ll have to play around with it.

The first downside is the 100-lb bag limit. Muay thai bags can get pretty heavy if you add extra stuffing. This weight limit cuts down your bag options, but you can always have your bag touching the floor if it’s heavier than 100 pounds.

Another thing to be aware of is that the legs extend 7’6″ from the post. This is fine if the stand is in the corner, but it kind of limits where you can put the stand if you don’t want to trip on the legs.

Overall it’s the best stand because the pros far outweigh the cons.

Also Good: Outslayer MuayThai Heavy Bag Stand

This Outslayer stand is also good especially if you have a bag that’s heavier than 100 pounds. The 350-pound weight capacity is more than enough to hold the heaviest punching bags.

At 7’8″ tall, this stand is tall enough for banana bags. Like the Cornerman, this stand can fit nicely in a corner of your house or garage. The legs are extendable and only 30-45″ long so they take up less space than the Cornerman.

The legs are 4′ apart so there’s a decent amount of room for throwing leg kicks. However, the bag only extends 3′ from the main post. This means that you can’t go all the way around the bag.

In terms of stability, this is a solid stand and it comes with a 15-year warranty. Another plus is the added unfilled sandbags if you want even more stability.

The one catch with this bag is that it costs more than the Century Corner Man.

Budget Pick: Everlast Heavy Bag Stand


  • Price
  • Small footprint


  • Lack of mobility
  • Limited kicks
  • Not compatible with 6′ bag

If you’re on a tight budget, consider getting the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand. This inexpensive stand is good enough if you need something quick, but there are some downsides.

First of all the legs don’t give you a 90-degree angle like the two bags above. They limit mobility and force you to stay right in front of the bag. This means that you can’t work angles. You can add standard 1-inch weight plates on pegs to keep the stand stable, but the pegs get in the way of low kicks.

At 7′ the stand is good enough if you’re using a 4′ heavy bag or even a teardrop bag, but Everlast says that a thai banana bag will not fit. That means it’s good if you need to install the bag in a small space like a basement with low ceilings.

My punching bag keeps sliding. How do I make it more stable?

This is how to keep a heavy bag stand from moving. If your stand doesn’t have rubber feet, put a rubber stall mat under it. If it still moves try adding weight to the base. This can be done with weight plates or sandbags.

What is the difference between a heavy bag stand vs freestanding bag.

Freestanding bags are heavy bags attached to a water or sand-filled base. The problem with free standing bags is that they usually can’t be used for low kicks. They also can’t take a beating and will topple over after a few serious kicks.

Will these stands scratch my floor?

If you have carpet you should be ok, but if you have vinyl plank, laminate, or hardwood flooring then consider getting some mats. We wrote a guide of the best mats to use for muay thai kickboxing, and MMA training at home.

That’s it for the best freestanding bag stands for your home. If you don’t already have a bag check out our list of the best muay thai heavy bags.