Muay Thai Techniques

Muay thai is an effective martial art that is both destructive but beautiful to watch. There are many technicians in the fight game, and contrary to popular belief, muay thai is an incredibly complex and technical art.

Here is a list of muay thai techniques that you need to know to get started.



  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Switch Kick
  • Teep Kick
  • Leg Kick
  • Push Kick
  • Side Teep Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Axe Kick
  • Cartwheel Kick


  • Horizontal Elbow Strike
  • Uppercut Elbow Strike
  • Downward Elbow Strike (12-6)
  • Slashing Elbow Strike
  • Spinning Elbow Strike
  • 12-6 Downward Elbow


  • Straight Knee
  • Switch Knee
  • Diagonal Knee
  • Side Knee
  • Curving Knee (Swing Knee)
  • Jumping Knee
  • Flying Knee

Check out these techniques to step up your striking now!