How to Throw a Downward 12 to 6 Elbow

The twelve to six elbow, also known as the downward elbow chop (sok tong), is a dangerous strike from muay thai.

It’s called the 12 to 6 because like the arms on a clock your elbow goes straight up and back down. Gravity helps add more force to this misunderstood strike.

Tony Jaa 12-6 Elbow

How to Downward Elbow in Muay Thai

  1. Raise your arm

    Step in and raise your arm above your head. Your hand should be either in a fist or open and facing inward or behind you.

  2. Put power into the strike

    Put power into the strike by dropping your weight slightly. Adding a slight twist at the hips will also add power.

  3. Strike with the tip of the elbow

    Bring your elbow down hard into your target.

  4. Reset

    Put your arm back into defensive position and be ready for a counter attack.

The 12-6 Elbow and MMA

The 12-6 elbow is banned from the UFC under the unified rules of MMA. This was due to the strike being cited as brutal, although the rules on the strike were never clearly defined.

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